Fonts Collector

From Aegisub Manual

The fonts collector is an automated tool that finds all fonts used in the current script, scans your system's fonts folder(s) and copies all the relevant fonts to a destination of your choosing. The dialog box looks like so:

Image:Fonts collector.png

The collector can perform any of the following actions:

  • Check fonts for availability - Checks the fonts folder(s) to see if you have all the fonts used in the current script. Do note that for technical reasons, the collector can't detect or collect fonts that aren't actually installed (like for example fonts temporarily loaded by a Matroska splitter or a font viewing program).
  • Copy fonts to folder - Copies all the fonts used on the current script to the given folder.
  • Copy fonts to zipped archive - Copies all the fonts used on the current script to a compressed .ZIP archive.
  • Attach fonts to current subtitles - Attempts to attach all used fonts to the currently open subtitles file. See the attachment manager page for more information about the quirks and limitations of this feature.

The fonts collector will output diagnostic information about its doings in the lower half of the window.