Karaoke Templater Reference: Declaring template and code lines

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This page describes how a template line or code line is declared.

  • Template lines and code lines are always marked Comment.
  • The first space-separated word in the Effect field determines whether a line is a template line, a code line, a timed karaoke line, a styled karaoke line or something otherwise undetermined.
  • If the first word in the Effect field is template, the line is a template line.
  • If the first word in the Effect field is code, the line is a code line.
  • If the Effect field is exactly equal to fx, the line is a styled karaoke line. Styled karaoke lines are deleted during execution of Karaoke Templater.
  • If the Effect field is Karaoke, karaoke or empty, the line is a timed karaoke line.
  • If the Effect field contains anything else, the line is an undetermined type and is not touched by Karaoke Templater.

Template lines and code lines can have additional text after the template or code keywords. This text is parsed as a series of space-separated words and is called modifiers. See Template modifiers for more information on this.


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